Storage of campers and trailers

Additional services:

  • transportation of vessels, campers and trailers to the desired location,
  • external and internal cleaning
  • battery maintenance
  • tire pressure maintenance
  • minor repairs of interior

Why to choose our Caravaning storage:

  • the largest caravaning storage in Ljubljana
  • more than 100 parking places of which 12 are covered
  • warehouse; 2000m2 fenced and adequately lit areas , electricity , asphalt access
  • we are available 24 hours/day
  • unlimited number of arrivals and departures from the Caravaning storage
  • location close to the shopping center Supernova-Rudnik
  • location nearby the motorway 0,7km(exit  Ljub ljana-Rudnik and exit Lj-south)
  • technical security with video surveillance
  • parking place is devoted for turists with campers to see sights of Ljubljana for a day or more